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Lovecraft: Beyond the wall of sleep is a visual novel adaptation of the eponymous Lovecraft's novel. This adaptation is not a rewriting. It is an exact transposition of the original work, without any modification. However, as you can expect this to be, this visual novel contains illustrations and soundtracks, in order to recreate all of the anguish of this British novel.

This project is addressed to everyone. If you have never read Beyond the Wall of Sleep or any H.P. Lovecraft's novel, this visual novel will allow you to discover this mystic universe. If you already have read this work, this adaptation will (perhaps) show you a different aspect of this novel.

Joe Slater Shadow synopsis

During an afternoon of 1900-1901, an inhabitant of the Catskill mountain arrived in a state psychopathic institution, brought by four state policemen. Joe Slater is his name, and was arrested for an awful and gruesome murder.

A few times after his arrival, the first mental crisis started. Joe Slater burst into a frenzy, and spoke of "green edifices of light, oceans of space, strange music, and shadowy mountains and valleys".

According to the alienist, the cause of these crisis are his bizarre dreams, which would dominate the man during his sleep.

What are the sources of these titanic and cosmic visions? How could a dullard dream of such transcendent and evolved concepts? The protagonist, intern into the establishment, will try to reveal this mystery and discover what is beyond the wall of sleep.

Mixing mystery and horror, H.P. Lovecraft creates a frightening atmosphere in this 1919 short novel, and thus right before his famous "Cthulhu Myth".


Downloads for Linux, Windows and Mac. [File extension: .zip | File size: ~120Mb]
You can still download the old version here.

7th of January 2013: First upload of the French version
2st of February 2013: First upload of the English version
5th of July 2013 : Uploading of the "HD" version

Reading advice: Lovecraft: Beyond the wall of sleep has some particularity to take into account before reading it.

1- L:BTWOS was made to be read in one session.
The "HD" version allows you to save, however we still ask you to take 30 minutes of your time to read the VN. Please, try to read it slowly and in a dark room.

2- L:BTWOS was made to be read on a small resolution screen, like netbooks, laptops and tablets.
It is not recommended to read this VN on a desktop computer.


Illustrations: 100%
Musical adaptation: 100%
French translation: 100%

Illustrations: Vivien Garriou (BD amateur community member)
Project direction and French translation: Kilarn

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